The Student Center for Health and Counseling strives to meet your health care needs in a supportive, inclusive and confidential setting — all conveniently on campus and online.

From preventative care to treating injuries and illnesses to mental health appointments, we provide a wide range of medical services.

In My Health Patient Portal, you can schedule medical, psychiatric and counseling appointments, access secure messages, message providers and view lab results by logging in with your account and StarID password. Note: Please bring your phone to each SCHC appointment for dual authentication/security purposes of necessary online health surveys. You will need to know your StarID and password.

Our Medical Services

  • Medical evaluation and treatment. We provide medical evaluation and treatment for numerous conditions such as bronchitis, sinusitis, strep throat, ear infections, skin rashes, flu, acne, minor injuries, mono, abdominal pain, headache, etc.
  • Physical exams. You can obtain general physical exams at SCHC. In addition, we also provide exams required for sports and camp.
  • Mental health visits. We provide mental health visits that treat anxiety, depression, bipolar, mood concerns and attention concerns.
  • Sexual health services. These services include STI/STD testing and treatment, pap smears, treatment for bladder infections, pregnancy testing and counseling and prescribing for all birth control methods.
  • Family planning. If cost or confidentiality is a concern, we offer the Minnesota Family Planning Program.
  • Same-day lab services. Our onsite lab offers the following same day lab services: urine tests (for detection of UTIs), pregnancy tests, mono, strep, influenza and COVID tests. We also work with a reference lab to provide a wide variety of additional labs including HIV and other STI tests, cultures or any other tests.
  • Vaccinations. Vaccinations available at SCHC include Diphtheria/Tetanus, MMR and seasonal influenza. Mantoux (tuberculin) testing is also available.