Here at the Student Center for Health & Counseling we accept many major medical insurances. Students with these insurance plans can have their charges billed directly by presenting a valid insurance card with policy information before appointment, or by emailing a picture of their insurance card to
If you do not have insurance or have a plan we are unable to bill directly, you are responsible for charges. If we don’t currently bill to your insurance you may be able to submit the charges to your insurance company for reimbursement. Contact us if you have questions.

Obtaining Health Insurance

Getting health insurance is complicated. If you don’t currently have insurance, there are resources in the community to help. MNsure is a marketplace to shop for insurance plans. Once a person completes an application, MNsure will show the options available for your circumstances. MNsure is available to US students. While international students are required to use United Healthcare insurance, international students can access MNsure to determine if their dependents are eligible for insurance.
Please contact our Case Manager for free assistance navigating health insurance resources contact or (218) 755-2024.

Questions about MNsure

Minnesota Family Planning Program

SCHC offers free birth control through the Minnesota Family Planning Program (MFPP). To see if you qualify you can access more information or you can schedule an appointment with our nurse practitioner. If you have questions about your application please call MFPP at 1-888-702-9968.

Understanding your International Student Insurance

  • Please check your brochure of benefits to verify your office visit will be a covered service.
  • United Healthcare Student Resources: Visit to print your insurance card, view claims and update your address.
  • Depending on where you receive medical treatment, there may be differences in cost for the same services.
  • Not all services provided at a medical facility are covered by your insurance plan. If you’re seeking non-emergency care, verify your benefits before you receive a medical service.

Locate a United Healthcare network provider/clinicnear you: United Healthcare provider search

  1. Select UHCSR options PPO
  2. Search for physicians/hospital
  3. Enter Search Criteria
  4. Select Specialty
  5. View Results