Medical Emergencies On Campus

Emergency Contact Information

Life Threatening Situation or Ambulance Needed — DIAL 911
Campus Services
BSU Security (24 hours) 218-755-3888
Student Center for Health & Counseling 218-755-2053
Community Services
Emergency Services (calling within area) 911
Emergency Services (calling from out of area) 218-333-9111
Community Crisis Line (after hours counseling) 1-800-422-0045
Sanford Health 218-751-5430

What to Do in Case of a Medical Emergency On Campus

The Student Center for Health and Counseling staff are available for telephone advice; however,

  • Dial 911 FIRST in an emergency to avoid wasting life-saving minutes
  • Then, call the Student Center for Health & Counseling staff (office hours) or
  • Campus Security (24 hours)
  • Follow the advice below until help arrives

Procedures For Medical Emergencies

After dialing 911 and contacting the SCHC or campus security, click on the links below for advice on what to do as you wait for help to arrive in the following situations: