BSU Graduate Studies Committee

Committee Charge

i.  Recommend all policies and procedures for the administration of graduate studies;
ii. To act as the graduate curriculum committee, overseeing with exclusive committee authority all changes in the graduate curriculum, including all graduate courses, workshops, institutes, and so forth;

Committee Composition 

The committee shall consist of:
1 graduate faculty member from Biology
1 graduate faculty member from Business
1 graduate faculty member from Education
1 graduate faculty member from English
1 ex officio from the Library
1 graduate faculty member from Mathematics
1 graduate faculty member from Environmental Studies
1 *At Large position is limited to graduate faculty who are NOT listed as members of a degree granting graduate program.
1 Director of Graduate Studies ex officio

Committee Term: 3 years

Please contact the BSUFA office for additional information as to how you may serve on this committee!

Committee Minutes

Current Graduate Faculty

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