Graduate Assistantships

Bemidji State University awards a limited number of funding opportunities for qualified graduate students to help fund their education.  Students’ undergraduate cumulative GPA must be 2.75 or higher.  To maintain a graduate assistantship a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the graduate level must be maintained.

Graduate Assistant Positions

Academic Year (2024-2025)

Library  Graduate Assistantship

Accessibility Graduate Assistantship 

GA Guidelines  – learn more about academic requirements
  • Assistantships are financed out of the general university budget, department funds, or external grants, which could affect student loan eligibility. Students seeking federal loans from the Financial Aid office for additional costs may find the total amount they can borrow reduced by the tuition assistance of their graduate assistantship. (see guidelines for more details)
  • The School of Graduate Studies designates that six graduate credit hours per semester is a full-time load for graduate assistants. If GAs wish to receive financial aid beyond a graduate assistantship, they will need to enroll in a minimum of six graduate credits per semester. GAs are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid office directly for complete information. (see guidelines for more details)
  • Blue GA Appointment Form
    • For faculty use when to finalize appointing a newly-hired GA.