Graduate Forms

Required forms for degree seeking students

Now that you have gone through the application process and have been accepted into a specific master’s program, there are additional steps you need to complete on your way to graduation.

  • Current Students may access additional program materials below.
  • If you are a returning student but have not enrolled in credited courses within the last two years, please Update Your Program.
  • If you are a certificate, licensure, or “course-work only” student, you are not required to complete the following items. If you wish to determine if the courses you have completed could be used in a master’s degree, contact the School of Graduate Studies.

Application for Candidacy

All students must complete the Application for Candidacy form to verify their qualifications for the master’s degree and to set forth those courses to be included in the program of study (do not confuse this form with certificate or licensure form requirements).

Petitions, Substitutions & Transfers

The Graduate Petition is for the purpose of making changes to your approved Candidacy such as program revisions and exceptions, time extension, etc. The Graduate Course Equivalency form is for course substitutions and transfer credits.

Access information specific to your degree

Other forms

Visit the Records and Registration website for these and other forms and information.

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