Graduate Forms

Required forms for Degree-Seeking Students

Now that you have gone through the application process and have been accepted into a specific master’s program, there are additional steps you need to complete on your way to graduation.

  • Current Students may access additional program materials below.
  • If you are a returning student but have not enrolled in credited courses within the last two years, please Update Your Program.
  • If you are a certificate, licensure, or “course-work only” student, you are not required to complete the following items. If you wish to determine if the courses you have completed could be used in a master’s degree, contact the School of Graduate Studies.

The following forms (aside from those in the “Other Forms” section) are listed in the order in which they are meant to be completed during a student’s tenure in a BSU graduate program.

NOTE:  More detailed information of Forms 2-5 (excluding Form 4B) can be found in Section ll #7 Graduate: Graduation in the Graduate Catalog.  A link to this detailed information can be found here.


Application for Admission to Candidacy- Form 2

After students have been admitted into a specific graduate program and have completed 9 to 12 graduate credits of coursework for their degree, they must begin the process of completing the Application for Admission to Candidacy form associated with their program.  If students need to make changes to their Candidacy Form (such as substitutions for required program courses), they must complete a new Application for Candidacy form.

Graduate Candidacy Form- Form 2


Culminating Project Committee Approval-  Form 3

Student must consult with their advisor as to who should serve on their graduate committee.  Once committee members have been determined, the student must complete a proposal according to the guidelines of their department or program.  After the proposal has been approved by the student’s committee/department, students should complete the Culminating Project Committee Approval form, obtain signatures from their committee members, and submit the form to the School of Graduate Studies.

BSU Culminating Project Committee Approval Thesis/Research Paper- Form 3

BSU Culminating Project Committee Approval Non Thesis Capstone- Form 3


Application for Graduation-  Form 4

After the Culminating Project Committee Approval form is approved, students must access the Application for Graduation form, depending on what their program stipulates.  This electronic form should be completed at the beginning of a student’s last semester in their program.  BSU holds one commencement ceremony every spring. This includes graduates from the previous fall, spring and summer terms for example: to participate in Spring 2023 commencement, you must have completed or will complete your degree in Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023 or Summer 2023.

Application for Graduation- Form 4


Oral Defense/Presentation- Form 4B

Students seeking a MA or MS degree will participate in an oral defense at the end of their program.  Only students who are required to complete a research paper or thesis are expected to complete this form (does NOT apply to Capstone students).

Form 4B- Pre-Defense Form

Guidelines for Oral Defense


Confirmation of Degree Requirements- Form 5

The Confirmation of Degree requirements form should be completed by a student’s advisor upon the student’s completion of their thesis, capstone, research paper, or written examination.  All grades must be submitted before this form can be successfully submitted.  When it is signed by the student’s advisor and the coordinator of the student’s program of study, it should be sent to the School of Graduate Studies.

Confirmation of Degree Requirements Form- Form 5


Other Forms


Arranged Course Request

This form is to be utilized by students seeking independent studies and thesis credits.

Arranged Course Request Form


Graduate Course Equivalency Form

The Graduate Course Equivalency Form is for students attempting to transfer credits to BSU or students looking to make a course substitution in place of a program requirement.

If courses from other institutions are being transferred to BSU, course descriptions should be attached as supporting documentation. Official transcripts with grades will need to be provided before the courses will be added to the BSU transcript.

Graduate Course Equivalency Form


Graduate Academic Petition Form

Students have the right to petition for readmission after being placed on academic suspension AND/OR to request exceptions to standing university policies and procedures. Students must complete this petition in its entirety in order to be considered for approval.

Graduate Studies Academic Petition Form


Name Change

It should be noted that this form should only be filled out when a student LEGALLY changes their name. The Name Change Form, upon completion, is to be submitted to the Records & Registration Office.  If the student submitting this form is a Financial Aid Application or Recipient, the Financial Aid Office must be provided with a new Social Security card reflecting their legal name change.

Name Change Form


Transcript Request

Bemidji State University has authorized Parchment, a digital credentials service, to provide online ordering to current and former Bemidji State University students. To use Parchment, Firefox or Chrome MUST be the web browser used on a desktop or laptop computer.  Physical copies of a student’s Official Transcript can be obtained and delivered if Parchment is unavailable for the student to use.  A link to learn about transcript delivery and related charges can be found here.