Petitions, Substitutions & Transfers

Graduate Substitutions & Transfers

The Graduate Course Equivalency form

Course Substitutions/Transfer Credits

If courses from other institutions are being transferred into BSU, course descriptions should be attached as supporting documentation. Official transcripts with grades will need to be provided before the courses will actually be added to the BSU transcript.

Graduate Petitions

The Graduate Academic Appeals Petition form

Students have the right to petition for readmission after being placed on academic suspension AND/OR to request exceptions to standing university policies and procedures. Students must complete this petition in its entirety in order to be considered for approval.

Other University Forms you may need are:
  • Advisor Change
  • Name Change
  • Transcript Request
  • Residence Classification Request
  • Arranged Course Request
  • F-1 Reduced Course Load Certification (for international students only)

Visit the Records and Registration website for these and other forms and information.