Graduate Petition

Graduate students who need to make revisions to an approved Admission to Candidacy (Form 2) must submit a formal petition.

The Graduate Petition includes but is not limited to:

Substitutions/Transfer Credits

If courses from other institutions are being transferred into BSU, course descriptions should be attached as supporting documentation. Official transcripts with grades will need to be provided before the courses will actually be added to the BSU transcript.

Program Extensions

BSU policy states, “Graduate credits earned within seven (7) years before the confirming of the degree shall apply to the master’s program. Course work more than seven (7) years old is considered to be obsolete and may not be included in a student’s program of study.” A rationale of extenuating circumstances must be documented for consideration of this request.

Undergraduate student status to take graduate-level courses

Bemidji State University undergraduate seniors may register for graduate courses at the 5000 level only. Seniors who will be graduating within one (1) semester or summer session may petition to be considered for enrollment in graduate-level courses provided that each of the following conditions is satisfied:

  • Approval is granted by the instructor, the department chair, college Dean and the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • The student is within eleven (11) credits of a baccalaureate degree at the time of enrollment in graduate course instruction.
  • the student has a cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00.
  • The combined undergraduate and graduate credits attempted for the semester do not exceed twelve (12) credits (or six [6] credits for the summer).
  • Note: The grades earned by an undergraduate student enrolled in graduate courses will be used in computing the graduate GPA and cannot be applied toward the undergraduate GPA. No course work completed at the graduate level can be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements.

Complete and submit the Graduate Petition Form, along with supporting documentation, to your assigned advisor at:

Bemidji State University
ATTN: (Assigned Advisor)
1500 Birchmont Drive NE
Bemidji, MN 56601-2699

The School of Graduate Studies will inform the student and advisor when the petition has gone through the approval process.

Other University Forms you may need are:
  • Advisor Change
  • Name Change
  • Transcript Request
  • Residence Classification Request
  • Arranged Course Request
  • F-1 Reduced Course Load Certification (for international students only)

Visit the Records and Registration website for these and other forms and information.