Applied Engineering, B.A.S.

Turn your technical degree into a bachelor’s degree.

This Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) program is designed specifically for individuals who typically possess a two-year technical degree and are interested in advancing their professional career. The program is often a “2+2” degree that permits students to apply their 2 year technical degree credits toward a baccalaureate degree.

Coupled with a two-year technical degree providing a focused foundation, students will complete junior- and senior-level courses covering a broad range of applied engineering concepts and applications. This breadth will provide maximum flexibility for graduates to pursue diverse employment opportunities. Completion of the degree is also available through a web-based distance delivery format. Students should work closely with an advisor to obtain program and course selection information.

Why Applied Engineering?

Our program would be ideal for you if you want to:

  • improve your professional qualifications,
  • apply for a promotion, but lack the degree requirements,
  • assume a leadership role with your employer,
  • prepare yourself for new career opportunities related to engineering; or
  • complete a 4-year degree

Career Paths/Income

  • Applications Engineer/ $66,000
  • Process Engineer/ $71,000
  • Product Engineer/ $69,000
  • Safety Engineer/ $72,000
  • Sales Engineer/ $71,000

(Median Income,

Career Outlook

There are many career opportunities for Bemidji State University Technology, Art, and Design graduates. Most Applied Engineering graduates find employment in their field within the first year of graduation. For more information visit Career Outlooks at career services.

Online & On-Campus Delivery

The student has the flexibility to choose the delivery option as a full or part-time student either on-campus or off-campus via the web. Learn more about delivery options available.

More Information

Program Coordinator

Please contact Lyle Meulebroeck to discuss your transfer degree options, learn more about the program, and to assist you in a seamless transfer of your credits to Bemidji State.

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