Applied Engineering, B.A.S.

Advance Your Career with a Degree in Applied Engineering

If you have a two-year technical degree or diploma, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in Applied Engineering in as little as two years.  Your technical education has provided you the foundation for your bachelor’s in Applied Engineering.  You simply need to complete your junior and senior level courses and any remaining liberal and general education requirements.   You are well on your way to earning your bachelor’s degree, let us help you finish it up!


Why Applied Engineering?

  • Earn a Promotion: 56% of our graduates received a job promotion within three years of graduation.
  • Job Growth:  Jobs requiring a Bachelor’s degree are projected to grow by 8.2 percent from 2014-2024.
  • More Money:  Income with bachelor’s degree is 40% higher than those with just an associate’s degree.
  • Job Opportunities:  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics recognizes 166 careers requiring a bachelor’s degree, and only 49 requiring an Associate’s degree.
  • Affordable:  Bemidji State University’s Applied Engineering degree was recognized as one of the 20 most affordable online engineering degrees in the U.S.

Online & On-Campus Delivery

Online Delivery:  Many of our students in Applied Engineering have families and are currently working.  The online delivery option allows students to continue working while they finish their bachelor’s degree completely online.  Our digital platform allows students the opportunity to learn through a variety of formats while you interact with other students and faculty.  Online students receive additional support from the Extended Learning Center.

On-Campus Delivery:  Students wanting a more traditional learning environment can pursue Applied Engineering on campus.  Students will work in the School of Technology, Art and Design’s many labs on real world, hands-on projects.  Small class sizes and a low student-teacher ratio provide a great learning experience.

Career Paths/Income

  • Applications Engineer/ $66,000
  • Process Engineer/ $71,000
  • Product Engineer/ $69,000
  • Safety Engineer/ $72,000
  • Sales Engineer/ $71,000

(Median Income,

More Information

Program Coordinator

Please contact Lyle Meulebroeck to discuss your transfer degree options, learn more about the program, and to assist you in a seamless transfer of your credits to Bemidji State.

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