Test Proctoring Options for Faculty

The below options will help you ensure your students are completing course assessments responsibly.

On-site Testing in D2L Brightspace, or on Paper

student_taking_testBSU Accessibility Services offers on-site proctoring in Decker Hall, suite 202. They have several quiet rooms set up with computers ready for testing in D2L Brightspace, or on paper. Each room is monitored during normal semester office hours. Cell phones and other personal belongings are not allowed in the rooms, unless you specify that certain materials can be used (like calculators, books, etc.). Your students using this option need to call Accessibility Services at 755-2038 to set up their testing appointments in advance. A test scheduling form is also available on the Accessibility Services home page.

Off-site Test Proctoring

For students not in the Bemidji area, Extended Learning maintains a database of the external proctors students have identified in locations convenient to them. Please direct your students to the following page to let Extended Learning know where they will be taking their exams: Select a Test ProctorExtended Learning will send test information (passwords, directions, etc.) to verified external proctors.

Remote Test Proctoring

Respondus Monitor

For Summer 20, Fall 20, and Spring 21, A D2L integration of Respondus Lock Down Browser, and Respondus Monitor is available for remote test proctoring. Review the quick start guides for instructors and students linked here:



There are additional resources to get you started quickly at https://web.respondus.com/rapid-rollout-instructors/

If you are new to this tool, there are a number of training sessions coming up in the next weeks:  https://web.respondus.com/webinars/

If you have question about this tool or need assistance with set up, please visit the Respondus Monitor resource page at https://web.respondus.com/he/monitor/resources/, contact Respondus Monitor support at https://web.respondus.com/support/ or contact Brian Jambor (brian.jambor@bemidjistate.edu).

Remote Proctor Now (RPN)

BSU partners with a service from SoftwareSecure called Remote Proctor Now (or RPN). RPN is a service that allows faculty to offer an exam created in D2L Brightspace through a secure and monitored web browser. RPN is not a free service, nor does BSU have a contract with SoftwareSecure. However, for students who cannot come to BSU, or to another testing facility for on-site proctoring, this offers a convenient solution to test proctoring. Students pay $15 per exam taken through RPN, and payment is due at the time of testing.

The benefit to you as the instructor is a report of the test that was taken, including video of the student taking the test, and description of any moments of concern as noted by the remote proctor (a live person watching for specific transgressions).

There are a few steps that must be taken in order to set up your exam in RPN. Faculty members, please consult with Brian Jambor in eLearning Support for more information about RPN, and for steps on making your D2L Brightspace exams available through the RPN service. Brian Jambor, bjambor@bemidjistate.edu, 218-755-2056. Students: please contact your instructor to see whether RPN is an option for your class.

If enough interest is generated for extended use of the RPN service, Extended Learning would be happy to facilitate the discussion of possibilities. Additionally, MnSCU system office personnel are currently considering a D2L Brightspace integration for a remote proctoring service. When we know more about this, we will share details with you.