28Environmental stewardship is an important part of Bemidji State University’s history, identity, and core mission for over five decades.

What began in the late 60’s as a research endeavor to address local environmental issues has blossomed over many years into a robust academic, institutional and societal commitment to sustainability. Here are some of the highlights of Bemidji State University’s environmental actions:

1969 – Center for Environmental Studies Established to perform research

1972 – Environmental Studies Bachelors of Science and Graduate Program created

1992 – Environmental Task Force Created

1996Environmental Advisory Committee

1998Environmental Policy Statement Established

2004 – Environmental Stewardship Signature Theme Created

2005 – Sustainable Campus Endowment Fund Created

2006Talloires Declaration Signed & Wind Energy Purchased to power the Student Union

2008 – $5/Semester Green Fee Established & Sustainability Office Instated, ACUPCC signed

2009Strategic Plan for Sustainability (2008 – 2013)

2010 – Consultants engaged with to conduct GHG Inventory & Climate Action Plan (CAP)

2011 – Inventory and CAP Completed & Accepted

2012 – Sustainable Landscape Plan Created

2013 – Solar Transpired Air Collector installed; Biomass Feasibility Study Completed

2014 – Sustainable Campus Research & Community Engagement Award Created

2015 – Climate Action Progress Report Completed, Sustainability Endowment 1st Award Given, Green Fee increased to $7.50/semester

2016 – Sustainability Office Progress Report Completed

2017 – Carbon Commitment Reaffirmed, BSU Recognized as a Green Ribbon School,​ Gwayakochigewin Collaborative started

2018 – Climate Commitment Signed

2019 – BSU Recognized as a Bicycle Friendly University



“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to see it with love & respect.”
~ Aldo Leopold