Get Involved!

Getting involved in sustainability work at BSU is easy and fun! There is a whole network of opportunities for you.


Clubs & Committees

Students for The Environment

Do you care about the environment and want to get involved with other students on campus? Then this club is for you!  SFE meets in the Sustainability Office, so drop by for more information. We are responsible for tons of activities, including lake shore clean-ups and Earth Month events.

Environmental Advisory Committee

Do you want to have a voice on administrative issues at this campus? This committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff and advises the administration on a number of issues from pesticide use to carbon reduction strategies.

City of Bemidji’s Sustainability Committee

Do you want to go beyond the walls of this institution and work with community members on Sustainability Initiatives? This committee meets at City Hall on the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm, and works to further the city’s commitments as a Greenstep City.

“Will you teach your children what we have taught our children? That the Earth is our Mother? What befalls the Earth befalls all the sons of the Earth.”
~ Chief Seattle in a letter to President Franklin Pierce, 1852