Green Fee

Student fees support a wide variety of programming, facilities and initiatives on campus.

The Sustainability Office was created out of a $5 Green Fee initiated in 2008. Today the fee is $7.50 and is used to generate a wide variety of sustainable initiatives on campus.

Example of Student Fees for a typical 15 credit semester
Student Activity Fee $100.02
Athletic Fee $55.00
Student Union Facility Fee $149.28
Health Services Fee $61.92
MSUSA Fee $9.15
Technology Fee $150
Green Fee $7.50
Transcript Fee $1.00
Total Fees/Semester
The Green Fee is less than 1.5% of the total amount
fees students pay each semester.

The Green Fee also supports the salaries of student workers and the Sustainability Project Manager, who is responsible for project implementation.

For up to date information on Student Fee Amounts click here.