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  • Your SL&L login ID is your BSU email address (firstname.lastname@live.bemidjistate.edu).
  • If you are not sure what your BSU email address is and would like to look it up, please check your directory information on MyBSU. There are step-by-step instructions on how to view your directory information on the IT Knowledge Base page- What is my BSU or NTC email address?
  • If you have never logged in to SL&L before or have forgotten your SL&L password, please click on “Forgot Password” once you have opened the SL&L login page and entered your BSU email address. Remember, your SL&L password is not, and should not be, the same as your BSU email password.
  • Tip: After selecting the “Send Link” button, you should see a confirmation message stating that the link was sent. If you do not see this message, try selecting the ‘”Send Link” button again.
  • For more information on how to log in, please watch the short video guide: Logging in to SL&L: Video Guide (2:56)


Submitting an Assignment in SL&L: Video Guide (1:43)

Withdrawing an Assignment in SL&L for Re-Submission: Video Guide (1:05)


  • Candidates must complete one log entry for each day that hours are completed. The electronic log should reflect the actual number of hours that candidates are completing each day. For example, entering 20 hours in one day is not acceptable and will not be approved.
  • Hours in SL&L will be approved or rejected by the Cooperating/Mentor Teacher. Approval of each and every log entry is needed in order to receive a grade (vs. an “Incomplete”) in the course associated with this field experience AND in order for the hours to count towards the 100 total hours that must be completed prior to student teaching.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Once the 100 hours of field experience have been completed, candidates will be asked to fill out a Field Experience Verification Form (link coming soon…).  To make filling out this form easier, when completing each log entry, please include the following in the log’s text section: (1) what grade(s) you worked with that day, and (2) to what level (pre-primary, elementary, middle school or high school) this/these grade(s) correspond(s).
  • Submitting Electronic Field Experience Hours in SL&L: Video Guide (3:58)

DLITE, FasTrack, Special Education, and DAPE Students ONLY

  • Please complete the “Placement Information Form” online survey by the end of the third week of classes (campus/conventional students DO NOT need to fill out this form at any time). There are multiple Placement Information Form links, one for each program (e.g., FasTrack), and these change each semester. Your course instructor will post the relevant link in D2L and/or share it with you by other means at the beginning of the semester.
  • Cooperating/Mentor Teacher accounts in SL&L will be created by the end of the third week of classes. Please note that, until you fill out the “Placement Information Form” online survey, the Placement Details within SL&L will be empty and your Cooperating/Mentor Teacher will not be able to log in to SL&L to approve your field log; however, you can begin completing your field log at any time.
  • Placement Information Form: Video Guide (4:28)


Submitting Documents in Advising Cohort Folder: Video Guide (3:42)

Note: If you previously submitted documents to Taskstream, you do not need to move Taskstream items to SL&L as the Office of Teacher Education still has access to those submissions.

Contact Information for SL&L Assistance

***Please review the how-to and video guides above prior to reaching out for additional support.***

Watermark Customer Service

  • Phone: (800) 311-5656

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