Additional Licensure Checkpoints

The following information is designed for candidates who are fully licensed and adding a field to their existing license.

Once you have been admitted to the Bemidji State University, please complete the following Practicum Checkpoints at the appropriate times indicated below to ensure no delay in receiving your teaching license. To apply for admission to Bemidji State University, visit: BSU Applications for Admissions

This Checkpoint must be completed after admission and prior to beginning courses at BSU.

  • Complete the Initial Practicum Review Form and upload a completed Practicum Experience Verification Form (PEVF).
  • Please provide as much detail as possible on the PEVF. The PEVF will be reviewed by the Office of Teacher Education (OTE) Clinical Staff and/or Program Leader to determine any gaps in prior experience. After review, a finalized PEVF will be emailed to you for use in Checkpoint 2.

This Checkpoint must be completed in the semester prior to the practicum.

  • Complete and sign the Practicum Placement Agreement indicating your plan for practicum and email this Agreement to This plan must address any gaps in prior experience that were identified on the Checkpoint 1 Practicum Experience Verification Form.
  • The OTE Clinical Staff and/or Program Leader will review and verify that your plan meets practicum requirements. A finalized Practicum Placement Agreement will be sent to you via email.
  • Without verification, you will be unable to complete your practicum. If your plan changes at any time, please email immediately.

This Checkpoint must be completed in the semester indicated on your Plan of Study.

  • Complete your Practicum experience, ensuring all required materials are uploaded into the Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L) by Watermark system.
  • The 80-hour practicum must be completed with a continuous group of students and includes the following: a minimum of two observations by the Cooperating Teacher, a minimum of two observations by the University Supervisor, a minimum of one triad meeting, and a written evaluation by the University Supervisor.
  • Health Candidates – Please work closely with your Program Coordinator as your practicum experience and requirements may look different.

This Checkpoint must be completed after receiving all course grades within your program.

  • To receive a Section 6: Verification of Completion of a State-Approved Licensure Program for your Minnesota teaching license application, complete the BSU Request Licensure Documentation Form.
  • When submitting the BSU Request Licensure Documentation Form, you must include a Plan of Study that has been reviewed and signed by a faculty member. Please contact your Program Coordinator or Advisor with questions related to the Plan of Study.