Faculty & Staff


Along with AIRC staff, the center provides office space to Indian Studies and Ojibwe Language faculty and is “home away from home” for most of the University’s American Indian faculty and staff.


William “Bill” Blackwell

Director of the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC)

218-755-2032, Office: American Indian Resource Center

Favorite Quote: “Students don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”




Dr. Vivian Delgado

Interim Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

218-755-2528, Office: Sattgast Hall 324

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Dr. John Gonzalez


218-755-2881, Office: Hagg-Sauer Hall 324

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Dr. Mary Fairbanks

Associate Professor

218-755-2523, Office: Bensen Hall 109L

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Dr. Anton Treuer


218-755-3968, Office: AIRC 112

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Erika Bailey-Johnson

Sustainability Coordinator

218-755-2650, Office: Hobsons Memorial Union

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Molly Aitken-Julin

Program Director of Internships & Employer Relations

218-755-2038, Office: Decker Hall 216

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Stephanie Hendricks

Office and Administrative Specialist Intermediate

218-755-2032, Office: AIRC 109

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Tori Dalke

Retention Counselor

218-755-2094, Office: Decker Hall 202

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Dr. Leah Carpenter

Associate Professor, 3M Chair of Accounting

218-755-2515, Office: Memorial Hall 165

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