Boozhoo Future Student!

What kind of student are you?

  • New StudentIf you have never attended College, or are a recent high school graduate you would be a New Student!
  • Transfer StudentIf you have attend a Tribal College, Technical College, other College, or University, BUT NOT BSU, you will be a Transfer Student! Be ready to supply all transcripts to Admissions.
  • Returning Student:If you have attended BSU in the past, you would be a Returning Student!
  • Transfer–Re-Entry: If you have attended BSU in the past, but have attended other Colleges or Universities you are a Transfer–Re-Entry! Be ready to supply all transcripts to Admissions.
  • Graduate Students are students that have a Bachelor’s degree and are looking for Masters programs or certificates.

Get Started

Below is a list of things that students must complete besides your admission to BSU, and some helpful tips for each action.

  • You will need your (or your parents) most recent Tax Return.
  • Keep all passwords and usernames with your important documents like Social Security card.
  • You need to fill this out every single year you attend school.
  • Stating that you/your parent/your guardian have zero income will raise more red flags and will NOT give you your biggest aid package. Be honest to the best of your knowledge.
  • For more information or help on the FAFSA, visit financial aid.
  • July 1 deadline
  • You must be accepted and registered for classes to complete the application.
  • Some tribes wait until you have received aid from other organizations.
  • Some tribes want a list of classes you are registered for.
  • Some tribes require you to send in your grades after they have been posted or before a certain deadline to remain eligible for the next year.
  • Make sure to communicate with someone in your Tribal Scholarship office for details.
  1. BSU Admissions early to be best prepared for the start of the semester.

If you have questions about Admissions, Academic Programs, or how the AIRC can help, stop in, call, or email: