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All students are welcome to join the Indian Studies program at BSU.
All students are welcome to join the Indian Studies program at BSU.

Academic Programs

The AIRC is home to BSU’s Indian Studies and Ojibwe Language Programs, which offer major and minor programs on the study of American Indian culture, history, politics and the Ojibwe language.

Indian Studies Program/Major

The Indian Studies program is open to all students. It offers Ojibwe and other Indian students an academic area of study relevant to the diversity of their cultural heritage. It offers Indian and other students a better understanding and appreciation of the diversity of Indian history, language, and culture.

The Indian Studies major is designed to provide a cultural, political, and historical background for a companion major in a skills area (applied study major).

Contact Tessa Reed for more information about the program.

Ojibwe Language Minor

The Department of Languages and Ethnic Studies offers a Minor in Ojibwe and Certificate of Instruction in Ojibwe. Upon completion of this minor, students may be eligible to teach Ojibwe at the elementary and/or secondary school level.

The program offers:

  • Survey course in Ojibwe culture and history
  • Six semesters of language courses from the elementary to advanced levels
  • Ojibwe Oral Literature
  • Grammar and Linguistics
  • Instruction of Ojibwe Language

Contact Dr. Anton Treuer for more information about the minor.