Career and Technical Education (CTE) Licensure Pathways

Bemidji State University is pleased to announce our customized pathways for individuals seeking CTE Licensure in either Communications Technology Careers or Construction Careers. Whether you’re a seasoned industry expert, a paraprofessional, an out-of-field teacher, or a graduating senior, we can offer a pathway towards a Tier 3 licensure while you are currently employed. At Bemidji State, we recognize that each candidate brings unique experiences and skills. Our licensure process will be tailored to accommodate prior industry knowledge, individual needs, and career aspirations. Each licensure program includes the CTE Core and courses in the appropriate CTE content area, Communications Technology or Construction Careers.

Pathway 1: Community Experts

  • Definition: Community experts are individuals with at least 5 years of industry experience or relevant trade credentials.
  • Benefits: Expedited pathway to Tier 3 licensure & recognition of practical experience.

Pathway 2: Paraprofessionals

  • Definition: Paraprofessionals are non-licensed support staff working within a school district.
  • Benefits: Opportunity to transition to licensed teaching role and enhanced career growth.

Pathway 3: Out-of-Field Teachers

  • Definition: Out-of-field teachers hold a license but seek licensure in an additional subject area.
  • Benefits: Flexibility to teach in areas beyond their original licensure and opportunity to expand expertise.

Pathway 4: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Career & Technical Education (CTE)

  • Definition: For candidates who don’t meet the above criteria we offer a more traditional route.
  • Benefits: Comprehensive education in CTE theory, pedagogy, and practical skills, preparation for teaching roles in CTE programs and opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree while specializing in CTE.


Information regarding our online resources and licensure details will be available on our website soon. For any specific inquiries, feel free to reach out to: