We’re more than a home. We’re a community.

Open your door to a floor filled with friends. Take a five-minute walk and you’re sitting in class. Out of shampoo? The Lodge store is open until 10:00 pm.

Why Live on Campus?

Above all, it’s the convenience. You’re a stone’s throw from every building on campus. You’ve got a study partner whenever you need one, and you never have to worry about an empty refrigerator. There is always something to do, and it’s all so close to you.

Life on the Bemidji State campus is community oriented from day one. You’ll live alongside people who are just like you, people who are completely different from you, and you’ll make friends with all of them. Right in the comfort of your own living room.

So take a look around. See what you think. And if you have any questions, just contact us.