Addressing Your Mail

Mail should be addressed to residents using the following information:

Full Legal Name
Hall Name
Street Address #Room Number
Bemidji MN 56601-xxxx

Hall Street Address Zip Code
Cedar 1925 Birchmont Dr NE 56601-1003
Birch (A Wing) 1701 Birchmont Dr NE 56601-1005
Birch (B Wing) 1703 Birchmont Dr NE 56601-1005
Linden (A Wing) 1805 Birchmont Dr NE 56601-1004
Linden (B Wing) 1807 Birchmont Dr NE 56601-1004
Oak (A Wing) 314 23rd St NE 56601-1801
Oak (B Wing) 316 23rd St NE 56601-1801
Oak (C Wing) 318 23rd St NE 56601-1801
Pine 2005 Birchmont Dr NE 56601-1002
Tamarack 410 19th St NE 56601-1011
Walnut 331 19th St NE 56601-1000

Please use full names when addressing mail. The use of nicknames or anything else may result in a delay in the resident receiving their mail or it may be refused and returned to sender.

Mailboxes are located in the residence hall lobbies and are accessible with room keys or combination. Packages may be claimed at the residence hall front desk with proper identification.