Linden houses approximately 180 upper division students in two- and three-person suites, each with a shared bathroom. Linden boasts a gaming room, movable furniture, outdoor gathering spaces and spectacular lake views.

How Suite It Is

When Linden Hall was about to be remodeled, we asked students what they wanted and they set clear priorities. They wanted more privacy, better temperature control within rooms, air-conditioning, more technology and lots of electrical outlets. Linden delivers all that, plus a few surprising luxuries.

Relax in your own personal space with friends close by. Each 2 or 3-person unit has its own bath to share and features private bedrooms. Suites are fully furnished in modern, modular style, complete with beds, closets, dresser, desk and desk chair. Take a virtual tour or check out a suite diagram. It’s a suite place to call home.

Life in Linden

Our residents love Linden. Self-sufficient and independent, Linden residents take pride in their community and support one another. With lots of outdoor spaces for activities like barbecues, campfires in the fire ring and beautiful landscaping, Linden’s residents take full advantage of outdoor living. Have you seen the front yard? It’s Diamond Point Park.

Room & Furniture Pictures


Wings: 2 Wings (A & B Wing)

Floors: A Wing = 4 Floors, B Wing = 3 Floors and Basement

Room Type: 2- or 3-person suites with shared bathroom

Temperature Control: Air-conditioning and room temperature control within 3-5 degrees

Communities: Linden Hall houses upper division students (i.e. sophomores to graduate students) and is part of the Community, Academics & Networking (CAN) Program. Each floor community is co-ed.

Linden Hall Front Desk: The Linden Hall Front Desk is located in the 1st Floor Lobby and residence can check-out items such as vacuums, carts, games, cooking supplies, tools, etc. Residents can also pick up their packages from the Linden Hall Front Desk if they do not fit into their mailbox. If a resident gets locked out of their room or loses their room key, they can check out a spare tag key at the Linden Hall Front Desk. Otherwise stop by the Linden Hall Front Desk if you have any questions!

Linden Hall Front Desk Phone Number: (218) 755-2077

Linden Garbage & Dumpsters: Linden residents are responsible for taking out their own room garbage to the outside dumpster. Please use the dumpsters either between Decker & Birch Hall on the parking lot side or by Tamarack Hall basketball court. The dumpster will be behind a tan fence. We encourage residents to break down their boxes and place them in the dumpster, not on the ground beside it.

GMW staff routinely take out the garbage and recycling in the shared community spaces.

Dumpsters and recycling containers located around the residence hall buildings are for resident use only.

Kitchen: Each floor has a community kitchen located at end of the hallway. The Linden 2A kitchen is located in the Linden 2nd Floor Lounge. Kitchens are equipped with a sink, stove top, oven, garbage and recycling bins. There is a full sized community refrigerator located in the Linden 2nd Floor Lounge kitchen. Students using this refrigerator must label their food and write the date they placed their food item into the refrigerator.

Laundry: There is 1 Laundry Room located in the Linden B Wing Basement around the corner from the elevator that has 5 washers and 5 dryers. Residents use their Linden Hall room keys to access the Laundry Room. Laundry is free and is connected through Residents need to provide their own high efficiency laundry detergent.

Lobby: The Linden Hall 1st Floor Lobby contains couches, chairs, a study room, TV, resident mailboxes and a printer/copier. The Linden Hall Front Desk is also located in the 1st Floor Lobby and residence can check-out items such as vacuums, carts, games, cooking supplies, etc.

Lounges: Linden has 2 main lounges, the Linden 2nd Floor Lounge and the Basement Lounge. The Linden 2nd Floor Lounge has a fireplace, couches, chairs, TV, vending machines, pool table and the Linden 2A kitchen. The Basement Lounge has multiple TVs, high-top tables & chairs, carpet ball, ping pong table and a pool table.

Mail & Packages: Each room has their own mailbox located next to the Linden Hall Front Desk. If items are too large to fit into the mailbox, residents can pick up their packages at the Linden Hall Front Desk. Residents will receive an email to their BSU student email address when a package has arrived and ready to be picked up.

Mailing Address:
(Student Name)
Linden Hall (room number)A
1805 Birchmont Dr NE
Bemidji, MN 56601-1004

(Student Name)
Linden Hall (room number)B
1807 Birchmont Dr NE
Bemidji, MN 56601-1004

Diamond Point Park: Linden Hall is across the street from Diamond Point Park, where the BSU Boathouse is located. Grab your friends, a hammock or beach towel and enjoy being outdoors right on the shore of Lake Bemidji.

Bike Racks: There is a bike rack on both sides of Linden Hall (1 on the lakeside and 1 on the parking lot side). Residents will need to bring their own bike lock if they wish to store their bikes on either of these racks.

Linden Fire Pit: On the parking lot side of Linden Hall is the Linden Fire Pit and grills. If residents want to use the Linden Fire Pit, for fire safety purposes they will need to fill out a form at the Linden Hall Front Desk before starting a fire. Residents wanting to use the grills do not need to worry about filing out this form before using the grills.

Wi-Fi & Internet: Each room has its own wireless access point where residents can either connect their device with an Ethernet cord or through the Wi-Fi.