Birch houses roughly 200 residents in single and double rooms. All floors were designed with inspiration from our Minnesota north woods culture and are designated for upper division students. Birch offers gender-inclusive floor bathrooms with private toilet and shower rooms.

Where North Woods Becomes Your Everyday Life

Birch Hall is the cozy place to go, bringing you warm furnishings, colors and a true Northern feel to your college experience.

Location, Location, Location

Birch is the closest residence hall to the academic buildings and allows residents to take the tunnels to classes without needing to go outside even for a minute!


Wings: 2 Wings (A & B Wing)

Floors: A Wing = 3 Floors, B Wing = 3 Floors and Basement

Room Types: Double, Double-as-Single & Single

Communities: Birch Hall houses upper division students (i.e. sophomores to graduate students) and is part of the Community, Academics & Networking (CAN) Program. Each floor community is co-ed.

Birch Hall Front Desk: The Birch Hall Front Desk is located in the 1st Floor Lobby and residence can check-out items such as vacuums, carts, games, cooking supplies, tools, etc. Residents can also pick up their packages from the Birch Hall Front Desk if they do not fit into their mailbox. If a resident gets locked out of their room or loses their room key, they can check out a spare tag key at the Birch Hall Front Desk. Otherwise stop by the Birch Hall Front Desk if you have any questions!

Birch Hall Front Desk Phone Number: (218) 333-7544

Birch Garbage & Dumpsters: Birch residents are responsible for taking out their own room garbage to the outside dumpster. Please use the dumpsters either between Decker & Birch Hall on the parking lot side. The dumpster will be behind a tan fence. We encourage residents to break down their boxes and place them in the dumpster, not on the ground beside it.

GMW staff routinely take out the garbage and recycling in the shared community spaces.

Dumpsters and recycling containers located around the residence hall buildings are for resident use only.

Bathrooms: Each floor has gender inclusive community bathrooms located halfway down the floor. Each toilet and shower stall is in its own room with a lockable door.

Kitchen: Each floor has a community kitchen located between A & B Wing. Kitchens are equipped with a sink, stove top, oven, garbage and recycling bins.

Laundry: The Birch Hall Laundry Room is located in the basement of under the Lobby. Residents use their Birch Hall room keys to access the Laundry Room. Laundry is free and is connected through Residents need to provide their own high efficiency laundry detergent.

Lobby: The Birch Hall 1st Floor Lobby contains couches, chairs, a study room, TV, resident mailboxes and a printer/copier. The Birch Hall Front Desk is also located in the 1st Floor Lobby and residence can check-out items such as vacuums, carts, games, cooking supplies, etc.

Lounges: Each floor has its own lounge that connects the floors between A & B Wing. The floor lounges have TVs, couches, tables and chairs.

Mail & Packages: Each room has their own mailbox located next to the Birch Hall Front Desk. If items are too large to fit into the mailbox, residents can pick up their packages at the Birch Hall Front Desk. Residents will receive an email to their BSU student email address when a package has arrived and ready to be picked up.

Mailing Address:
(Student Name)
Birch Hall (room number) A
1701 Birchmont Dr NE
Bemidji MN 56601-1004

(Student Name)
Birch Hall (room number) B
1703 Birchmont Dr NE
Bemidji MN 56601-1004

Birch is across the street from Diamond Point Park, the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) and the Chet Anderson Stadium. Also, Birch has an outdoor gathering space with grills and bike racks. Residents will need to bring their own bike lock if they wish to store their bike on the bike rack.

Wi-Fi & Internet: Each room has its own wireless access point where residents can either connect their device with an Ethernet cord or through the Wi-Fi.