Room rates include furnished rooms, cable TV, water, heat, internet access with technical support, desk services and monitoring by Public Safety.

*Proposed Semester Room Rates for 2024-2025

Rates for rooms in Birch, Oak, Linden and Tamarack are set per person, per semester.

Room Type Semester Rate Monthly Equivalent
Double (Birch, Oak and Tamarack) $3,134.00 $696.00
Single (Birch) $3,649.00 $811.00
Double-as-Single (Birch, Oak and Tamarack) $3,811.00 $847.00
Suite (Linden) $3,870.00 $860.00
Single w/bath (Oak) $3,811.00 $847.00

*Housing rates are approved by the MinnState Board of Trustees. We anticipate around a 3% increase in room rates each academic year.

*Proposed Cedar Apartment Rates 2024-2025

Rates for units in the Cedar Apartments will be added per semester.

  • Two-bedroom — Approximately 705 square feet.
  • Three bedroom — Approximately 1010 square feet.

Summer: June & July
Fall: August, September, October, November, December
Spring: January, February, March, April, May

Apt Type Semester Rate Semester Monthly Equivalent Summer 2024 Rate Summer 2024 Monthly Equivalent
Two-Bedroom $3,580.00 $716.00 $1,389.50 $695.00
Three-Bedroom $4,223.00 $845.00 $1,640.00 $820.00

University Heights Apartment Rates

Effective August 1, 2022, University Heights will no longer constitute Bemidji State Housing. The owners of the property, JT Properties LLC, will be leasing spaces in this building as off-campus housing to BSU students and others at the following rates:

Apartment Contracts: 10 Months (August 1-May 31) at $750/month WITH AN OPTIONAL DISCOUNTED SUMMER RATE for 2 months (June-July) at $500/month.

University Heights rates are per person applied as follows:

Semester Monthly Rate Total
Summer 2022 Only (June & July) Contact Bemidji State University $500.00 $1,000.00
Fall (August-December) $750.00 $3,750.00
Spring (January-May) $750.00 $3,750.00

Rates Subject to Change

The University is providing this information about University Heights as a resource for students. BSU makes no claim for the quality of Off-campus rental properties nor assumes responsibility for any aspect of rental agreements. Potential renters are encouraged to inspect the property and be familiar with rental contracts and landlord/tenant rights prior to signing rental agreements. This information may be found at:

Landlord and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities

published by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

Note to Students: It is highly recommended that students view any rental property prior to entering into a lease.

For further details respecting University Heights, please contact John Peterson of JT Properties, LLC at (218) 760-5515 or

University Heights Apartments

*Proposed Meal Plan Rates Per Semester 2024-2025

Meal Plan Current Rate Details
Any 200 $2,097
  • 200 meals per semester (approx. 12 per week)
  • $370 in Beaver Bucks
  • 10 guest passes
Any 100 $2,097
  • 100 meals per semester (approx. 6 per week)
  • $790 in Beaver Bucks
  • 5 guest passes
All Beaver Bucks** $2,097 $2,097 Beaver Bucks
Upper Class Beaver Bucks** $1,456 $1,456 Beaver Bucks
Commuter Student Plan** $620 $620 Beaver Bucks

**Available to upper-division students only.

Beaver Bucks receive up to a 22% discount at Wally’s (over cash paying customers); sales tax does not apply.

More information on meal plans can be found at the Dining Services website.