Becoming more involved in the Residential Life community brings many opportunities for residents to assert themselves in leadership roles and influence their environment.

Residence Hall Governance

Each hall has it’s own Hall Governance (most called Hall Council). The purpose of the Council is to provide a voice for the concerns of its residents and to provide opportunities for participants to develop leadership skills. The Council develops policies and procedures to improve the quality of life of residents and sponsors community development programs and hall activities.

Floor Advisory Boards

Each floor is represented by a Floor Advisory Board (FAB). Each FAB is comprised of the RA, the Hall Council Floor Representative and 3-5 interested floor members. FAB’s are responsible for evaluating the floor’s social and academic environment, planning activities and programs to promote the floor community and assisting in solving floor concerns or problems.

Leadership Jobs

Housing & Residential Life also hires a number of students to fulfill essential roles on campus during the academic year and the summer, including Resident Assistants (RAs), Peer Academic Assistants (PAAs), Summer Hosts (SH) and more. Learn more about leadership positions and other student jobs.