What to do in case of Fire

If Fire or Smoke is Observed

  • Immediately activate the fire alarm, if it is not already sounding.
  • Call 911 (9-911 if using a campus/room phone) and/or the Department of Public Safety, 218-755-3888 (3888 if using a campus/room phone) or have someone make that call.
  • Activate the Building Emergency Plan and begin an external evacuation.
  • Close doors to isolate fire and contain smoke, if it can be done safely.
  • Move to the closest, safe exit.
    • Check doors with back of hand before opening; if hot move to alternate exit.
    • If door is not hot, open it slowly and check for smoke and odors; if they are strong close door and move to alternate exit.
    • If smoke and odors are tolerable, prop open door and proceed, staying low to lessen smoke exposure.
    • Do not use elevators
    • Help those needing assistance evacuating, if it can be done safely.
    • Report the location of anybody left in the building to emergency responders.
    • Do not return to the building until an “All Clear” is announced by the Fire Department, Public Safety or other recognized authority.

If You Are Unable to Evacuate

  • Move into a room as faraway from the source of the fire as possible.
  • Close the door.
  • Seal the space at the bottom of the door the best you can, to reduce smoke penetration.
  • If possible, call or take other actions to notify emergency responders of your location.

Use a Fire Extinguisher Only If

  • You have been trained on fire extinguisher use.
  • You are confident in your ability to extinguish the fire.
  • The fire is small; e.g., no bigger than the size of a wastebasket.
  • The fire department has been notified.
  • Evacuation has begun.
  • You have a safe exit route that the fire cannot block.