Why use Beaver Bucks? Why would you NOT use them?

Students, faculty and staff can all use Beaver Bucks. Take a look at the benefits:

As Good as Cash

Beaver Bucks are accepted just like cash at all Dining Services locations. Contracted students can even use them at Wally’s for themselves and their guests.

Works Like a Debit Card

They are more convenient than cash. Beaver Bucks turn your BSU ID into a debit card for use at any Dining Services venue. Whenever you make a purchase the amount is subtracted from the account balance.

Extra Value

Beaver Bucks are more valuable than the dollar. When used at Wally’s, the user receives a significant discount off the cash prices. Additionally, Beaver Bucks used by students (no matter the location) are not subject to sales tax.

Track Your Balance

Beaver Bucks may carry over from fall to spring semester to a maximum of $200. They do not carry over beyond the end of the spring semester to the following fall however, so keep track of your balance! You may track your Beaver Buck balance at any dining services location.

Buy More Beaver Bucks

You can get Beaver Bucks at any Dining Services location or you can buy Beaver Bucks online.