You have a few different options for campus meal plans. Choose the one that suits your schedule and needs.

Resident Students

You may contract for food (AKA Meal Plans) as part of your Residence Hall Application and Contract. Residents may purchase/add Beaver Bucks any time online or at any Dining Services venue.

Non-Resident Students

If you are a non-resident student, you can complete and submit a Non-Resident Meal Plan Application so that you may purchase and use Beaver Bucks at any Dining Service Venue.


Faculty and staff love Beaver Bucks, too! They’re so convenient; just swipe your ID and you’re good to go. Faculty and staff may purchase Beaver Bucks online or at any dining services venue.

Meal Plans – *Proposed Rates for the 2024-25 Academic Year

Meal Plan Current Rate Details
Any 200 $2,097
  • 200 meals per semester (approx. 12 per week)
  • $370 in Beaver Bucks
  • 10 guest passes
Any 100 $2,097
  • 100 meals per semester (approx. 6 per week)
  • $790 in Beaver Bucks
  • 5 guest passes
All Beaver Bucks** $2,097
  • $2,097 Beaver Bucks
Upper Class Beaver Bucks** $1,456
  • $1,456 Beaver Bucks
Commuter Student Plan** $620
  • $620 Beaver Bucks

*Housing rates are approved by the MinnState Board of Trustees.

**Not available to first-year students.

Learn more about meal plans on the Dining Services Website.

The Fine Print

  • All first-year students and first-year undergraduate international students who reside in the residence halls are required to maintain a meal plan during their first entire academic year; either the Any 100 or Any 200 plan.
  • Before the semester begins and during the first two weeks of the semester, a student may change their meal plan by completing the meal plan change form located on our website.
  • Changing from the “Any 200 meals” or the “Any 100 meals” plan to a “Beaver Buck” plan will result in a weekly charge for each week on the “Any” plan (including the week the change is made), regardless if the student eats meals. The weekly charge, along with any Beaver Bucks spent on the “Any” plan, will be deducted from the new Beaver Buck plan balance.
  • Changing from a “Beaver Buck” plan to the “Any 200 meals” or “Any 100 meals” will result in the amount of Beaver Bucks spent being deducted from the new Beaver Buck balance.
  • Canceling the “Any 200 meals” or “Any 100 meals” plans will result in weekly charges as discussed above in the “Changing from the ‘Any 200 meals’ or the ‘Any 100 meals” section.
  • Up to $200 of a Beaver Buck balance left after the fall semester may be carried forward into the spring semester.
  • Beaver Bucks not used by the end of the spring semester do not carry forward to the next academic year and are not refunded.
  • Meal balances left at the end of a semester cannot be carried forward.
  • A meal plan may be added at any point during the semester. Also, additional Beaver Bucks may be purchased, at any point during the semester through Dining Services (visit