Tamarack Hall

More than just a good view.

You’ve heard it before; it’s the tallest building in Beltrami County! So? Well there’s a lot to be said for height.

Tamarack has the best views in town overlooking the lake, the city of Bemidji, and a true view of the splendor of the North country. The 12th floor features study and social lounges, from which you can see for miles. No matter the season, the views are majestic and breathtaking.

Tamarack is part of the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program. It offers several benefits. It’s close to the Gillett Wellness Center so there is never an excuse to not be active! The backyard is perfect for chilling out on the picnic tables, playing Frisbee, or using the basketball court. The first floor includes the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and a TV Lounge, while the basement has a game room. The front desk offers a wide selection of games and other items for checkout. It’s never boring in Tamarack Hall!

Enjoy the view and the friendship in the 12th-floor lounge.
Enjoy the view and the friendships in the 12th-floor lounge.

Life in Tamarack

Free-willed, and spirited, residents of Tamarack are a fiercely independent bunch who have their own ideas about how to do things.  With a fast-paced, involved and energetic social environment, it’s a fun and exciting place to live.


Activities and Traditions

Tamarack offers a well-rounded mix of social, civic engagement and educational programming, so there are always a lot of activities for residents to choose from. Activities and traditions include:

  • Backyard Bash
  • Canned food drives
  • Clothing drives
  • Hall decorating contests
  • Haunted Floors
  • Trick or Treating