Buford and Bath Field Trip

burford bridge

Britta Marie wrote about the EuroSpring field trip to Burford and Bath.

On our second field trip, we went to Burford and Bath. In Burford, we went to the church where the Levelers we killed. The Levelers were soldiers for Cromwell’s Army who were fighting for their rights after they had succeeded in overthrowing Charles I. They wanted to remain a group and receive benefits for what they had done. The Levelers who would not back down from this stance were held as prisoners in the Burford church and eventually killed there. There was also a famous cheese shop there so of course we stopped and got some

Next we traveled to Bath, where we toured some 2000 year-old Roman Baths. I couldn’t believe how much technology they developed! They invented heated flooring and plumbing, and they had the ability to quickly drain or fill the pools. There were baths of varying pools in sizes and temperature, it was incredible!

After the tour we were free to roam the city, so Kelsey, David and I went to William Herschel’s house where he discovered Uranus with his telescope in the 18th century. He and his sister studied astronomy and they moved in with the royal family after their discovery. I had been learning about Herschel in my science class, so it was nice to have a fair amount of background knowledge before going here. Can’t wait for the third trip, to Statford-upon-Avon.

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