NorthStar Visiting Scholars Academy

The NorthStar Visiting Scholar Academy at Bemidji State University promotes understanding and cooperation between American and international university scholars through a unique experience of mutual enrichment.

Visiting scholars with President Faith Hensrud, Provost Tony Peffer, Faculty Mentor Mike Murray and Program Coordinator Jo Li.

About Bemidji State University


Program Overview

Northstar Visiting Scholars Academy is the destination program for our short-term visitors, including visiting faculty, scholars and student ambassadors.

NorthStar Scholars are immersed in the culture and daily life of the Bemidji State campus and the city of Bemidji, in the heart of Minnesota’s beautiful north woods.

For our visiting faculty, the program is usually one-semester or one year in length. A designated program coordinator designed a curriculum comprised of weekly seminars, experiential activities, field trips, and tours to provide scholars a comprehensive understanding of the difference between the higher educational systems, American as well as our regional cultures, history, social fabric and the natural environment.They could observe and audit most of the undergraduate courses on a non-credit basis, engage in discussions and exchange ideas. Visiting scholars could participate in any of the BSU campus activities, and utilize library resources and recreational facilities.  In addition, they will visit historical sites, parks, businesses, American Indian reservations, schools and other places of interest. Each visiting scholar is assigned a professor at Bemidji State University as a mentor who helps them get the most out of their experience. Ideally, this professor belongs to the same discipline as the visitor, enabling work on research projects on common interests.Visiting Faculty live in fully furnished apartments or house with individual bedrooms, where kitchen or common area may be shared with other scholars of the same sex. Bemidji State University will issue DS-2019 form required for obtaining the J visas for our admitted scholars. BSU also awards completion certificates to visiting faculty who have successfully completed the program. For more details, please see Visiting Faculty Program Elements and Costs.

Fully furnished bedroom
Glas Scholar house living room







For our visiting students ambassadors, BSU invites students from all of our partner institutions to join us in a language and culture immersion camp in either the winter (February) or Summer (May through August). For more details, please see Summer/Winter Language and Cultural Immersion Camp.


北极星访问者学院是伯米吉州立大学专门为所有来短期访问的老师, 学者、大学生使者所设立的学院。

访问学者项目一般为一学期或一学年。学院负责人专为访问学者安排了研修课程,通过每周的嘉宾讲座,校外实践,出访参观,郊游等各种活动让访问学者充分全面地了解中美高等教育系统的差异、美国及本地区的文化、历史、社会和环境。访问学者可以旁听伯米吉州立大学的大部分课程,和学生老师开展交流。学者们可以参与学校所有的校内活动,以及专为访问学者安排的以历史,自然,商务,教育等为主题的出访活动。例如参观博物馆,圣保罗大教堂,社会服务机构,州政府,密西西比河源头等。学院为访学老师提供专业对口的导师,辅助访问学者在校开展学习和研究。学校所有的资源和设施都对访问学者开放。访问学者居住在拎包入住的校内公寓或是房子,每一位学者有自己单独的卧室,厨房和卫生间有可能会和同性别的其他访问学者公用。伯米吉州立大学给本学院录取的老师和学者签发J-1签证所需要的DS-2019 表,为成功完成访学项目的老师颁发证书。项目详情请访问访问学者项目内容及费用


English Language Center (ELC)

Separate classes are offered in the English Language Center at Bemidji State University: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each class meets one hour daily, five days a week (5 credits). The per credit, per semester fee is currently $270. Although scholars are not required to complete any of these classes, Bemidji State University encourages attendance in at least the classes in listening and speaking.

The ELC is also working hard to bring visiting scholars one free English course that meets once a week starting fall 2019, when the program size exceeds 6.


BSU 的英语语言中心另设有4门预科语言班,分别为听和说,读和写,美国学术英语一和二。这些课程大都每天上一堂课(共5个学分)。每学分学费为$270。访问学者老师们并不需要完成这些课程,但是BSU鼓励老师们至少选修听和说。


Active Participation on Campus

To see the scholars participate in campus-wide programs in action, please see the following new reports.



NorthStar Visiting Scholars Present Research Comparing the United States and China
“What Is It Like to Raise a Child In China” Lecture
Scholar Presents Chinese New Year Traditions
Ms. QI Fan Sang Peking Opera