While preparing for your travel to Bemidji, please take note of the following advice:

Arriving in the United States

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helps to secure our borders, facilitate the entry and exit process, and enhance the integrity of our immigration system while respecting the privacy of our visitors. At the U.S. port of entry, they make the final admission determination and, for international students and exchange visitors, determine the period for which they are authorized to remain in the United States. At air or sea ports of entry, they will scan your passport to create electronic I-94 record. If you are crossing a land border you may still receive a paper I-94. The IPC will need a copy of your I-94 for immigration or public benefits like applying for OPT (Optional Practical Training) or a driver’s license. To locate your I-94, please see this page. You’ll need to have your passport information at-hand.

Getting to Bemidji


If you are flying to the United States, book your airline ticket directly to Bemidji, Minnesota, USA, airport code BJI. Plan to arrive at least one day prior to orientation.


Jefferson Lines provides daily scheduled bus service from Minneapolis to Bemidji. Scheduled daily bus service leaving Bemidji includes service to Grand Forks and Fargo (North Dakota), and from Bemidji to Brainerd, St. Cloud, and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul). The Jefferson Lines bus stops at two locations in Bemidji. If travelling by bus to Bemidji, let the bus driver know that you would like to be dropped off on the BSU campus at the bus stop outside of Walnut Hall on campus.

Jefferson Lines map


Your orientation session will include the opportunity for you to establish a bank account and shopping for necessary supplies. We recommend that you have immediate access to $5,000 USD for things like health insurance, registration, books and housing deposits. You will also need spending money for food, personal items and unplanned events. Please keep your money in a secure place prior to arranging your bank account. Any amount over $10,000 USD must be declared.


During orientation, we will provide you with at least one shopping trip so you have the opportunity to purchase personal items. We recommend that you do not bring the following items with you, as day-to-day needs can be purchased once you arrive. No need to take up valuable room in your luggage with:

  • Pillows & bedding
  • Kitchenware
  • Clothes hangers
  • Toiletries
  • Laundry supplies
  • Towels, washcloths

The move-in guide has more information on what you need to bring. (Keep in mind the move-in guide is geared to students driving to campus and have plenty of room for their items.)


You will experience four seasons in Bemidji: Fall (5-20°C); Winter (below-20°C); Spring (5-30°C); and Summer (30-38°C). If you are arriving in January for Spring Semester, bring or wear a coat and warm clothing (including gloves, hat, and scarf) in the event you are not able to purchase appropriate clothing right away. BSU has an extensive indoor walkway (tunnel) system which allows you to go from your residence hall room to the cafeteria, Recreation Center, library and or your classes with minimal time outside during the winter.