How to Apply for OPT

Please read through these these instructions carefully.

Note that you should proceed with the online application process very carefully. The system allows you to submit your application without all required evidence, which can lead to requests for evidence and additional difficulties which could include your OPT application being denied. This means you must be very careful to ensure that everything is included before submitting the online application. These general suggestions are not intended to be legal advice. They are simply general suggestions for how you might proceed when completing the online I-765 application.

You will create a USCIS online account following the instructions on the PDF above. When you reach the point labeled STOP, you will then schedule your OPT document review appointment with IPC advisor and get your OPT I-20. Please email a PDF of your application that you drafted online with USCIS, a copy of the email showing your grad plans are approved, a completed Supplementary Information for Optional Practical Training form, and all other required documents to and schedule an appointment here.

After you receive your new OPT I-20, you can then follow the steps outlined in the PDF document and submit your application.