Our exchange partner in Colombia is Universidad Católica de Manizales (UCM), located in the city of Manizales. 

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BSU’s partnership with UCM begins with a hydrogeology research collaboration between BSU’s Dr. Miriam Rio-Sanchez in the Center of Sustainability Studies and environmental science professors at UCM. Their research project focused on different types of groundwater resources was funded by 100K Strong America Foundation, which supported 6 exchange student mobility between our two schools. Friendship between the two institutions expands beyond this initial grant, and will provide Spanish learning students the opportunity to immerse in this culturally rich and ecologically diverse coffee region of Colombia.

Selection of Students


Student Programs

UCM along with a consortiums of universities in Manizales offer some courses in English. Please see the images for 2024 offerings. Students enrolled in courses taught in Spanish will need to reach B1 Spanish proficiency.


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Status of the Students

Students enrolled in the host institution will have the same privileges and enjoy the same student services, and other amenities as other full-time residence students. They will also be subject to the statutes, ordinances and regulations of the host institution as well as the local, state and federal laws of the region.


Each student will pay tuition and fees to their own institution as well as such ancillary charges that may be charged by that institution. Exchange students are subject to the same requirements admission and academic performance expectations as established by the host institution.

Refund of Fees

No refund of fees will be granted unless otherwise stated in official university documents, if the student is unable to complete his or her course.


Students will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and associated costs.


Each institution will arrange accommodations for visiting students. Students will be responsible for payment of accommodations. The universities will also provide meal option information. The student will be responsible for all food costs.


Credit at the home institution will be determined by the home institution dependent upon the grades received by the students at the host institution. Terms under which credit will be awarded will normally be provided to the exchange students prior to their enrollment.


  • Each student must undertake in writing to comply with the regulations of the host institution and with the instructions given by his or her advisor/tutor.
  • Each exchange student must make arrangements for health/hospitalization insurance while they are the host institution.
  • Each student must possess passports and required visas for the period of exchange.
  • Each student must demonstrate that he or she possesses sufficient financial resources to participate in the exchange.
  • Both institutions shall exchange regularly their respective college bulletins and other information pertaining to course programs, fees, calendars and schedules.
  • Each student shall provide an acceptable health affidavit to the host institution designated official prior to admission to the university.


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International Program Center
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