Health Insurance

You must be prepared to pay for your health insurance during orientation week: approximately $2,119 USD (fall arrivals). This health insurance coverage is due each August. Spring arrivals pay for the remaining part of the year, into August. The coverage, thereafter, is for one full year. Bemidji State University bills for your insurance coverage and payment will be due before you will be allowed to register for classes for your first semester.

The United States does not have a national health care system available to non-immigrant students, therefore, the cost of medical care is the responsibility of the individual.

All international students and visiting scholars engaged in educational activities are required to purchase the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities international student accident and illness insurance plan.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has contracted with United Health Care Student Resources to be the provider of our international student health insurance. Insurance coverage provided by United Healthcare and Student Resources is on an annual basis, beginning in August of each year. You will be required to purchase the insurance plan offered by United Healthcare Student Resources before enrolling in classes.

Bemidji State University requires you to purchase the State University System-sponsored health insurance once you arrive on campus. By entering the United States on the Bemidji State University I-20 (or DS-2019), you entered into an agreement to accept all the statements, terms, conditions, and figures which appear on the I-20/DS-2019 form including the clause under “Remarks,” which states that students “Must purchase BSU mandatory health insurance (annually) and complete BSU International Student Orientation, including math and Academic American English placement tests. Summer expenses are not included.” Additionally, only health insurance purchased at another Minnesota State campus will transfer to Bemidji State University. The approximate health insurance cost is included and stated under “Financials” on your I-20 form (or Item # 1 on your DS-2019 form). This premium is due with expected payment upon your arrival on campus, beginning with your first term, is valid for 12 months (or, for Spring term arrivals, 8 months), and will be due again each August.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Student Health Insurance Provider:

United Health Care Student Resources

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