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Shenyang is the largest city in the Liaoning Province of the People’s Republic of China. Located near Korea, the city covers 1,337 square miles and has a population of 5,743,718 in the urban area.

ShenyangCity1Two rivers run through Shenyang: the Hun River and the Liao River. Due to its proximity to the ocean, Shenyang has a monsoon-influenced climate that includes hot, humid summers and dry, cold winters. Each season is very distinctive, but spring and autumn are shorter than summer and winter. Average temperatures will vary from around 5 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to around 80 degrees in the summer, but can be as extreme as -28 degrees and 103 degrees Fahrenheit.


An important industrial and transportation center with numerous natural resources, Shenyang exports many goods to Japan, Russia and Korea. It has been a leader of heavy industry (aerospace, machine tools, heavy equipment and defense) since the 1920s, but has diversified to include modern industries like software, automotives, land and air transport and electronics.

Shenyang, home of Liaoning University.
Shenyang, home of Liaoning University.


Shenyang was established as a city around 300 B.C., though its name has changed many times under different rulers. It was first known as Hou City, then Shen Prefecture, Shenyang Circuit, Shenyang Zhongwei, Simiyan Hoton, Shenjing, Mukden and Fengtian. It has been known as Shenyang since 1933.


The most popular and historic area of Shenyang is the Shenhe District. It is centrally located with a temple near Middle Street, a famous commercial strip that was built during the Ming Dynasty as the center of ancient Shenyang. This district is also the site of the Mukden Palace, Zhang Zuolin’s former home and headquarters, Shengjing Ancient Cultural Street and Shenyang’s Muslim town. The area also features many high end hotels and northeast China’s main railway hub.

Middle Street
Middle Street

You can find many western-style stores on Middle Street, and Taiyuan Street is home to great restaurants and theaters. You can find hundreds of small shop owners selling low-priced clothes and household items at Wu’ai Market, a large multi-story building. Aside from shopping, there are several parks, museums, temples and historical sites to visit in Shenyang.

Shenyang has one of the highest concentrations of educational institutes in China. There are roughly 30 colleges and universities and numerous research and training institutions.  Consulates for Japan, Russia, South Korea, France, Germany, North Korea and the United States are also located in Shenyang.