Travel & Transportation

The best way to get to Weifang is to fly to either Qingdao (TAO) or Beijing (BCIA) and then take a train the rest of the way to Weifang.

You have many options for flights and trains. With services like Orbitz, you only need to enter your starting and ending destinations to receive various travel packages.

Getting to TAO/BCIA

While actual airfares will vary depending on your exact dates of travel, you can expect to pay about $1,500 for round trip flights from the Twin Cities to Qingdao or $1,400 to Beijing.

Train fares vary depending on the type of train you take (the fast trains are more expensive). Fares typically run $10-15 from Qingdao to Weifang, or $20-50 from Beijing.

Weifang train station
Weifang train station

Upon Your Arrival

Someone from the school will pick you up from the Weifang Train Station to take you to your accommodations.

Getting Around

Getting around in Weifang is easy, with plenty of public transportation (buses and taxis) and a simple grid-like road structure. Almost everything is located along one of three roads: FuShou Jie, Donfeng Jie and Shengli Jie.

Public Transportation

Buses are cheap and easy to use, though they stop running at 9-10pm. All buses, except the K16, cost 1 RMB. The K16 is air conditioned during the summer and costs 2 RMB.

The 16 bus does a loop on Dongfeng Jie and Shengli Jie going past three of the major shopping centers in town: TaiHua, Walmart and InZone. It also stops right outside of the apartment complex area (WeiDa HuaYuan) where you will most likely be living.

The 76 will also take you from the apartments to Walmart and TaiHua.

The 56 will take you from the North Gate of Weifang University to TaiHua.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a bus that will take you from the apartments to the Good Shopping Mall (yes, it is actually called that. Ironically it isn’t the best place to shop). It’s a 30 minute walk from the apartments, so if you don’t want to walk or you plan to shop late at night, you should take a taxi.

The good news that taxis are usually easy to hail. The only times it may prove difficult are from 5:30-7pm, the rush hour period when taxi shifts switch, and from 9-10pm, when buses stop for the night.

Taxis cost a minimum of 6 RMB: 5 RMB base cost plus the 1 RMB charge for gas (this will not be on the meter, so don’t think you are being scammed when your driver charges you for gas).

Cross-town trips to TaiHua cost 13-15 RMB during the day and 15-18 RMB at night. Depending on where you get the taxi and if they take you directly to the apartment, it is always on the brink of rolling over so sometimes it does and other times you get lucky.


You might also consider buying a small used scooter or a bike. Scooters usually cost around 2000-3000 RMB ($325-500). Bikes are cheaper at 300-800 RMB ($50-130) for a new one. You will probably be able to sell a used scooter or bike for what you paid for it.

Traffic in Weifang is hectic though. It would be wise to wait a couple weeks until you are used to the layout of the city and how people drive before you buy any sort of bike or scooter. Other students have done this in the past in Malaysia, Vietnam and China and found it to be the cheapest and most convenient option for getting around.