Each semester you register for classes, you are making progress towards your degree completion. Degrees are designed to be completed in four years when students complete an average of 15 credits each semester during the regular academic year.

Academic Advising – understanding academic advising, who your advisor is and how to change your advisor.

Declaring a Major or Minor – how to declare or change your major or minor.

Preparing for Graduation – how to get ready for graduation.

Course Substitutions – applying substitute courses to your degree program.

Degree Audit – understand how your courses apply to your declared degree program.

*NEW* Graduation Planner – BSU has implemented a student planner tool to allow students and advisers to create personalized plans to identify the courses students need to take each term to satisfy their academic program and stay on track for graduation.

Students can access the graduation planner through e-Services. It works alongside a student’s degree audit to include courses they have already taken, courses in progress and courses they plan to take in the future. Once a plan has been created, students will see their planned courses on their degree audit as ‘PL’ (planned). Students can also create “What If” plans if they are exploring other majors/minors.

For questions, access the step-by-step guide on using the graduation planner or contact your academic adviser.