Bemidji State University offers scholarships for which you are considered automatically when you are admitted to the university. It’s that easy! We’ll determine if you meet the criteria outlined for an automatic merit scholarship.

Bemidji State University Scholarships

Every year Bemidji State University provides academic, talent and leadership awards totaling nearly $2,400,000. Many opportunities exist for BSU students, with over 37% of all new entering students receiving scholarships.

BSU scholarships for returning and upper-class students are primarily awarded by the individual academic departments.  Check with the faculty members in your major for the application process for scholarships administered through your BSU academic department.  Typically, the academic departmental scholarship application process takes place early in spring semester for awards to be received the following academic year.

Scholarship Type Eligibility with ACT/SAT Scores Eligibility without ACT/SAT Scores Award Total Over 4 Years Renewing
Presidential Scholarship 28+ ACT or 1300+ SAT Rank in top 10% of class or 3.8+ GPA* 3.9+ GPA $10,000 Maintain a 3.25+ GPA and earn 24 credits per year
Academic Achievement 25+ ACT or 1200+ SAT Rank in top 30% of class or 3.5+ GPA* 3.7+ GPA $5,000 Maintain a 3.0 GPA and earn 24 credits per year
University Scholarship 22+ ACT or 1100+ SAT Rank in top 50% of class or 3.2+ GPA* 3.4+ GPA $2,000 Maintain a 3.0 GPA and earn 24 credits per year


  • Students will always be awarded the largest merit scholarship for which they are eligible, regardless of completion of the ACT or SAT.
  • The criteria above are used for all new domestic students, whose first enrollment as an undergraduate student begins in Fall 2023. Students currently enrolled should refer to their initial award letter (from the time they began enrollment at BSU) to verify the renewal criteria and award amounts.
  • To be eligible for a merit scholarship, students must enroll during the year they graduate from high school.
  • Award recipients must enroll as full-time students (at least 12 credit hours at BSU) during the fall and each successive regular semester following award notification.
  • Merit scholarships are good for a total of eight consecutive semesters from the date of initial enrollment, or the point at which a student earns his/her first undergraduate degree, whichever comes first.

Please note, scholarship award packaging may not exceed the total cost of attendance at BSU.

Additional scholarships for new and current BSU students can be accessed through the Foundation Scholarship Application.

*Beginning Fall of 2022, when provided, weighted GPAs will be used to determine a student’s Merit Scholarship eligibility.

Foundation Scholarship Application

Submit a single application to apply for over 450 BSU scholarships! Departmental, Alumni/Foundation, American Indian Resource Center, Admissions and University scholarships are now in a single application.

Most of your academic information is incorporated into your scholarship application “behind the scenes” via your StarID.

File your FAFSA for the upcoming school year to maximize your scholarship eligibility. Many scholarships use data entered on your FAFSA application.

Application windows and deadlines vary between departments and awards. Still, to be considered for ALL BSU awards each academic year, the deadline has been extended to February 15 at 11:59 PM.

  • Current BSU Students:  This application uses live data from your BSU student record. Please ensure that your major and contact information are correct in our system. This can be reviewed by visiting your E-Services portal.
  • New Incoming Students:  You must be “accepted” before submitting your scholarship application. You can verify your admission status by logging into your application portal.

Submit your Foundation Scholarship application!

Direct questions about the Foundation Scholarship application or process to:

Jessie Horien at or 218-755-4407

Chris Corradi at or 218-755-4145

North Star Promise Scholarship Program

Launching in Fall 2024, the North Star Promise (NSP) Scholarship Program is designed to provide a zero-tuition pathway for eligible Minnesota residents pursuing higher education.

Private Scholarships

Many private organizations in your home town offer scholarships to help with the costs of attending colleges and universities. You may wish to contact your high school counselor or the public library for information on local scholarships. A reputable scholarship search tool should not charge a fee, so beware of scholarship scams that guarantee results for a fee. Anticipated private scholarship funds should be reported to the BSU Financial Aid Office.

Here are some free tools for searching for private scholarships:

Fall Day on Bemidji State University Campus
Fall Day on Bemidji State University Campus