Living off campus can be an exciting part of the college experience, but it also comes with many responsibilities as a tenant, neighbor and community member. It is important that you demonstrate qualities associated with being a respectful neighbor and display a positive image of Bemidji State University. Understanding and practicing civility and being a positive neighbor will contribute to a positive experience for both you and the community. Here’s some tips to help:

Get To Know Your Neighbors

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors right away by stopping door-to-door.
    A simple hello goes a long way to building positive relationships. It will be easier to resolve problems later if you know each other
  • Exchange phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information with your neighbors so you can get contact each other in case of emergency.

Keep Your Property Clean & Neat

  • Respect your neighbors and maintain your property so that it is a positive reflection of the community.
  • Follow the expectations regarding trash and recycling.
  • Indoor furniture should not be left in your yard.
  • Maintain your lawn and keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow.

Resolving Conflicts with Neighbors

  • Resolve conflicts with neighbors through courteous and mature discussion
  • Invite your neighbor over for a leisurely cup of coffee to discuss concerns
  • Listen, share openly and compromise.
  • Take responsibility for the problems you have caused
  • Try to come to agreements regarding past issues and future expectations as neighbors
  • Involve others if your efforts are unsuccessful.

What Do Good Neighbors Do

  • Offer to help neighbors with yard work (raking leaves, snow removal, etc.)
  • Help with moving or bringing items into houses
  • Offer to pick up items at the store when you go
  • Volunteer in your community – get involved
  • Watch your neighbor’s house and property in their absence
  • Pet sit when neighbors leave
  • Stop by with cookies, bread or other treats just because