Instructions for Complete Withdrawal from School

If you would like to speak with a faculty member please connect with the Advising Success Center.

If you would like to speak with a counselor to review your decision, process academic or personal concerns you are encouraged to stop by the Student Center for Health and Counseling located in Cedar Hall or call (218) 755-2024/2053 to set up a confidential meeting.

You should complete the following steps if you are withdrawing this semester from ALL your classes:

If You Live in The Residence Halls and/or Have a Meal Plan

Contact the Housing & Residence Life Office in Walnut Hall, (218) 755-3750, to terminate your Residential Life Contract and receive directions for proper checkout procedures.

If You Received any Type of Financial Aid

Contact the Financial Aid Office in Deputy 114, (218) 755-2034, to address the following:

  1. possible repayment of aid received if you are withdrawing prior to 60% of the term being completed;
  2. discuss your eligibility for future financial aid when you return to school; and
  3. receive exit student loan information.

All Students Withdrawing Must

Contact Heidi in Deputy 202, (218) 755-2046, to determine if you are to receive a refund or if financial aid repayment is necessary.

Finally, you must withdraw from all your classes by logging in to your e-Services account.

Questions? Need assistance? Stop by the Records Office, Deputy 101, or call (218) 755-2020.