Withdrawal Procedures

Instructions for Complete Withdrawal from School

If you would like to speak to a counselor or faculty about issues concerning academic or personal circumstances related to your withdrawal.

  • You are encouraged to stop by the Counseling Center located in Cedar Hall or call 755-2024/2053 to set up a confidential meeting.

You should complete the following steps if you are withdrawing this semester from ALL your classes:

If you live in the residence halls and/or have a meal plan:

  • Contact the Housing & Residence Life Office in Walnut Hall, 755-3750, to terminate your Residential Life Contract and receive directions for proper checkout procedures.

If you received any type of financial aid:

  • Contact the Financial Aid Office in Deputy 114, 755-2034, to address the following: 1) possible repayment of aid received if you are withdrawing prior to 60% of the term being completed; 2) discuss your eligibility for future financial aid when you return to school; and 3) receive exit student loan information.

All students withdrawing must:

  • Contact Emily in Deputy 202, 755-2046, to determine if you are to receive a refund or if financial aid repayment is necessary.

Finally, you must withdraw from all your classes by logging in to your e-Services account.

Questions? Need assistance? Stop by the Records Office, Deputy 101, or call 755-2020.