Student Travel

Students traveling for BSU/NTC should complete & have a Student Travel Request form approved prior to travel. Any out of state travel requires a VP signature.

If students are taking a personal vehicle and will have other students as passengers; you must be approved to drive through a driver’s license check. This is completed by submitting a Vehicle Use Agreement form to Laurie Watkins – Box #1. Also, a copy of current insurance card with coverage limits should be attached to the Student Travel Request

*Vehicle Use Agreement should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to travel

Upon return, if expenses need to be reimbursed, a student should submit a Student Expense Report with applicable, itemized receipts. If the travel that occurred was related to student club/organization, a Student Expense Report Clubs expense form should be used.

Please see the BSU/NTC Travel site below, under University Travel, for mileage and meals rates. Along with detailed travel procedures.

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