Prior to registering, you may want to verify that you do not have any holds that will prevent you from successfully registering for your classes. To check your registration holds, log in to e-Services and view your ‘Dashboard’. Any hold preventing registration will be listed there.

Registration Problems

There are many possible reasons for being unable to enroll in a class. Some of the most common reasons are listed below, along with the error message you will receive and possible solutions to the problem.

1. Course is Closed

The number of people the course was originally created to hold are enrolled, so there are no seats left. If the course is utilizing the automated wait list, you may add yourself to the wait list, otherwise, you will want to work with your advisor to identify another class.

2. Course Requires Special Permission

Some courses are set up so that the instructor can monitor exactly who enrolls in the class. These courses require special permission from the instructor in order to enroll. You would need to contact the instructor to see whether they will make it possible for you to register. If approved, the instructor will issue an override for you to add the class. Once that override is submitted, you will be able to register for the class.

3. Student Program Required for This Course

Some courses are set up so that students need to be admitted to a certain type of program in order to register for the class. There are many instances when this error message could appear. Read below for the instance that fits your situation.

5000 or 6000 Level Course – If you are attempting to register for a graduate level course you need to be admitted as a graduate student. Please contact the Graduate Studies Office.

Online Course – If you are attempting to register for an online course and are currently an on-campus degree seeking student, the online courses are not open to on-campus students until after the regular registration window period. This date is published on the class schedule for each term.

On-Campus ED Course – If you are attempting to register for an on-campus ‘ED’ course, you need permission from the Professional Education Department to take this class. Please contact the Professional Education Office to determine if you are eligible to take this class.

Online ED Course – If you are attempting to register for an online ‘ED’ course, you need to be admitted to the online ED program(s). Consult with your academic advisor for assistance in determining if you are eligible for this class.

4. Registration Hold

You would need to contact the office responsible for the hold to see whether they will lift the hold, making it possible for you to register.
Various holds include:

  • 02 Academic Suspension – contact Records & Registration Office
  • 28 Sexual Violence Prevention Training – contact Student Center for Health & Counseling
  • 31 Unpaid Balance – check your account status online, where you also have the option of paying these balances, contact the Business Office
  • 32 Admissions Office – contact the Admissions Office
  • 05 Immunization – contact Health Services
  • 81 Return Campus Key – contact the Physical Plant Office for details on how to get hold lifted

5. Registration Access Code Required

Access Code Required: All on-campus degree seeking students are required to enter a registration access code prior to registering for class. Students obtain this access code from their academic advisor. It is recommended that students meet with their advisor prior to the opening of their registration window.

6. Maximum Credits

The maximum number of credits students may be enrolled in for fall, spring or summer terms, is governed by the following:

Undergraduate Students

  • Those with a 3.00 GPA or higher can register for 22 credits. (Those students wishing to take more may petition to the SPA committee; not recommended except in unusual circumstances.)
  • Those with a GPA below 3.00 may register for a maximum of 18 credits without permission.
  • Those with a GPA below 3.00 who wish to register for 19-22 credits need to request permission from their advisor (Advisor issues override #40 to allow registration for 19-22 credits.)

Graduate Students – Contact the Graduate Studies Office.