The Graduation Planner is a new system in eServices that allows students to plan out their degree and their schedule each semester. You can work with your students to plan out semesters for ideal credit load, goals and “What If” scenarios for different majors and minors.

This system works in conjunction with with a students DARS report allowing up to date information about courses that have been taken and courses that need to be completed. Students can create schedules and back up schedules manually or the system will automatically create one for them.

The Graduation Planner includes three components: a Graduation Planner, a Degree Audit and a Schedule Builder.


  • This does not replace academic advising, it is a tool to allow students to explore their options and see possible scheduling options.
  • The Graduation Planner does not add courses to eServices or register students for courses. They will need an access code and to register for courses through eServices.