Understanding “W” Grades

  • The course remains on your transcript with a “W” grade, if you withdraw during the withdrawal period.
  • A “W” grade does not affect your grade point average (GPA).
  • The credits for the class for which you have received a ‘W’ grade will count as attempted credits. Attempted credits are used when calculating your course completion rate, as explained in the Academic Progress Policy.
  • Withdrawing from a class will not change your tuition or fees.

Withdrawing From Some of Your Classes

Students may withdraw (drop) from a course during the withdrawal period described below. After this time, no course may be dropped except in special hardship cases. A student wishing to withdraw from a course can do it through e-Services.

Fall, Spring & Summer Semesters

Last day to add or drop a class – 5th day of the term

Withdrawal period – starts after the 5th day of the term, and the last day to withdraw varies. The last date to withdraw is up to 80% of the course meetings. The specific course dates are available through e-Services. Students will find those dates on the view/modify class schedule screen, under drop/withdraw dates.

Withdrawing From All of Your Classes

If you are withdrawing from ALL of your classes it is advised that you complete the following additional steps:

  • Please contact your faculty advisor or the Advising Success Center located in Decker Hall 202, 218-755-2038 advising@bemidjistate.edu, to discuss your situation and options.
  • If you would like to speak with the Case Manager to review your personal circumstances related to withdrawing and/or to connect to campus or community resources prior to withdrawing or after withdrawing please contact Samantha Clausen LSW in the Student Center for Health and Counseling 218-755-2024 to set up a confidential meeting.
  • If you live in the residence halls and/or have a meal plan: Contact the Residential Life Office in Walnut Hall, (218) 755-3750, to terminate your Residential Life Contract and receive directions for proper checkout procedures.
  • If you received any type of financial aid: Contact the Financial Aid Office in Deputy Hall 114, (218) 755-2034 financialaid@bemidjistate.edu, to address the following:
    1. repayment of aid received if you are withdrawing prior to 60% of the term being completed;
    2. discuss your eligibility for future financial aid when you return to school; and
    3. to receive exit student loan information.
  • To determine if you are eligible for a refund: Contact Sharon in Business Services, Sharon.Olson@bemidjistate.edu, Deputy 203 , (218) 755-2046.

Fall & Spring Semesters

Date of Total Withdrawal from All Classes Refund Allowed
Business Days 1-5 100%
Business Days 6-10 75%
Business Days 11-15 50%
Business Days 16-20 25%
Refund beginning 21st Business Day 0%

Summer Session

Withdrawal Period Refund %
1st through 5th business day of the term 100%
6th through 10th business day of the term 50%
after the 10th business day of the term 0%

Class terms less than three weeks in length

Withdrawal Period Refund %
1st business day of the term 100%
2nd through the 3rd business day of the term 50%
after the 3rd business day of the term 0%

Finally, you must withdraw from all your classes in e-Services. If you need assistance, contact the Records & Registration Office, Deputy 101, or call (218) 755-2020.