You can find out what books are required for your classes several ways.

  1. If you have already registered for your classes, then you can log in to e-Services and click on “BSU Bookstore Booklist.” You will be taken to the online BSU Bookstore with all the textbooks required for your registered classes selected. You can either proceed to checkout or note which books are required.
  2. Go to the BSU Class Schedule and locate the class in question. Click on the textbook icon on the far right of the class row. You will be taken to a page listing the required book.
  3. You can also visit the BSU Bookstore on campus and find required textbooks organized by class. You can either buy them directly at the store or note which books are required.

Book Charging

All students who are registered for at least one BSU credit may charge their books at the on-campus bookstore located in the lower level of the Hobson Memorial Student Union. Book charging at the on-campus bookstore is allowed each semester for approximately one month prior to classes starting and will end on the fourth day of the semester. The cost of the books charged at the on-campus bookstore will be added to your BSU student account and must be paid either by financial aid funds or personal resources according to normal Business Services Office payment deadlines.