Review key dates for employment, wage rates based on hours worked and the maximum hours and days allowed for student employees.

Employment Dates

Areas that require staffing at BSU and NTC can start students as early as 8/16/23. Otherwise, see the following dates for beginning and ending student employment dates for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Institution Employment Begins Employment Ends
Bemidji State 8/21/23 5/2/24
Northwest Tech 8/21/23 5/7/24


Wage Rates

As you work more hours, your wage will increase based on the following scale:

Hours Worked Wage Rate
000-750 $13.50
751-1000 $14.00
1001+ $14.50

Students are paid based on the same wage scale regardless of where they work on campus or whether they are working as regular payroll, work-study or over the summer.

Student Employee Hour & Day Limits

The employment hours of student employees must follow the Federal and State labor agreement rules and laws. Students may not volunteer “extra hours” while employed in a department or be asked to put in more time than what they can be legally paid.

Maximums Hours/Days
Max number of days per timesheet 10
Max hours worked in one day 8
Max hours worked in one week 20
Max hours reported per timesheet 40

Full time hours are ONLY permitted during summer or semester breaks. (8 hrs per day, 40 hrs per work week, 80 hrs per time sheet) NOTE: Overtime is not permitted.

If a student works an 8-hour day, they should be recording their 1/2-hour unpaid break.