The key to success when leasing property is to know your rights and responsibilities. The following questions can help you evaluate a particular rental property or landlord.

  • Is a co-signer required on the lease?
  • Who pays for electricity, gas, water, trash, cable, internet?
  • When is rent due? Are there fees charged for late payment?
  • What repairs and cleaning will the landlord do?
  • Who maintains the yard and handles the snow removal?
  • What is the policy on keeping pets of having pets visit?
  • Is garbage pick up included in the rent? When is pick up? Where do recyclables go?
  • How many parking spaces come with the unit? What are parking expectations?
  • What are the exact move-in/out dates?
  • What is the security deposit and conditions for return?
  • What circumstances allow for lease termination and subleasing?
  • How will the landlord give notice before entering the premises?
  • Are there restrictions on parties, noise levels, smoking, etc?

You should consider buying renter’s insurance to help protect your belongings while renting.