The Financial Aid Office will send an email to your BSU student email account notifying you when your financial aid offer is available to view or print from your e-Services account. It is very important that you activate your student email account and check it regularly. Students have the ability to track the progress of their financial aid application and view their financial aid awards online. To access your financial aid information, log into the e-Services site.

  • Log into MyBSU and select e-Services.
  • Select Financial Aid from the menu on the left.
  • The award year will be displayed. You can change the semester if necessary.

You can view your financial aid status and offer, as well as your bill. We encourage you to print them and keep copies for your records.

BSU Guide to Financial Aid 2023-2024

Bemidji State University
Bemidji State University

Once you have received an email notification to view your financial aid award notification, log into your e-Services account. Select Financial Aid from the menu on the left; choose the appropriate semester; then click on Award Notification.

The “BSU Guide to Financial Aid 2023-2024” will give you additional information so you can better understand your awards, types of aid and other general questions.

If your enrollment plans have changed, please contact the Financial Aid Office to reprocess your application.

Financial Aid Budget: An institutional budget is not intended to represent a student’s actual room, board, transportation or other personal expenses. The allowable portion for educational-related expenses is the same for all students to assure that all are treated equally and fairly in the processing and awarding of federal and state financial aid. Expenses in excess of the standard institutional budget amounts will need to be financed with non-educational funds such as savings, earnings from off-campus employment or a personal loan from a family member or private lender.

Cost of Attendance (COA): (2023-2024* Undergraduate)

Tuition $4,497
Fees $585
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, Equipment $445
Housing and Food $5,378
Transportation $650
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $850
Total Semester COA
Total Annual COA


Grants and scholarships are gift aid and do not need to be repaid. Please see the comprehensive list of grant programs and their descriptions on our website. If your award notification contains grants please be aware that your exact credits determine your eligibility for certain programs.

Please contact our office if you plan to change your enrollment. If you withdraw from one or more of your classes within the first 30 days of the semester, your Pell Grant will be reduced to the new level of enrollment. If your award notification includes work study, you can search for job openings on the student employment webpage. Departments will list a brief description of the job duties and contact information.

For more information on accepting and requesting your federal loan funds, see Loans.

If you are receiving additional private scholarships, third-party agency payments or waivers, please indicate this information when prompted to “Report Other Aid” in e-Services. An email will be sent to you if revised awards have resulted in a change to your eligibility for federal or state financial aid.