Verification of enrollment is generally needed by insurance companies, credit card companies, scholarship agencies, rental management companies, Canadian student loan offices and for loan deferment (see below). The Records & Registration Office completes these forms following the Student Data Privacy Act guidelines.

Enrollment Verification

When enrollment verification is needed by a student, the form needs to be completed, with the appropriate information and submitted to the Records & Registration Office. It will be processed within one week.

Enrollment Verification for Loan Deferments

Loan deferment requests should be submitted to the Records & Registration Office. BSU processes deferments through the National Student Clearinghouse by providing them with student enrollment information throughout the semester. We notify the Clearinghouse once a month, beginning 10 class days after the start of the term. The Clearinghouse notifies a student’s lender(s) of their enrollment status. This process can take two (2) to four (4) weeks.

The National Student Clearinghouse website has a link for students with questions regarding the deferment process, as well as a Loan Locator, which lets students know who their lender(s) are.

Below is a list of what information the Records & Registration Office can provide with or without a student’s consent.

Information Provided Without a Student’s Written Consent

  • Student Status (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
  • Enrollment Status (if enrolled or not enrolled)
  • Credit Load (Full-time, Half-Time, Less than Half-Time)
  • Majors/Minors
  • Degree Information
  • Estimated Tuition/Fees/Expenses

Information Provided ONLY With a Student’s Written Consent

  • Number of credits attempted, earned or currently being taken
  • GPA
  • Grades
  • Specific courses taken by student